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Robotic systems for polishing: robotic technology applied to polishing of complex forms

Among the robotic polishing systems on the market, SandRob is the only solution that allows robotics technology to be applied to polishing processes even on complex geometries. With SandRob you can polish plastic materials, carbon fiber and composites, metals and technical materials such as the solid surfaces that are widely used in different areas of architecture and design. SandRob represents the excellence in the field of industrial robotic applications: there are no other robot on the market like SandRob able to perform such accurate finishes that can guarantee such high-quality results on complex shapes.
SandRob is the robotic solution that meets all surface finish requirements: sanding, polishing and trimming objects on complex shapes of any size.

Application fields of polishing with robotic systems

The application fields of our robotic systems for polishing are mainly aerospace, automotive and interior design.

In particular SandRob is used for polishing painted parts of car bodies, of cabins of trucks or agricultural machines and more generally all those plastic and non-plastic components that have been painted. Mirror polishing of metals is typical of aerospace applications, such as polishing of helicopter rotor blades or aircraft components. Among the needs that SandRob is able to satisfy for the aerospace sector, we also find the polishing of aircraft canopy, made of acrylic compounds in polycarbonate: polishing is a processing phase to protect the high optical standards required and has the purpose to prevent the windshield from generating the least distortion to the view.


The goal of polishing can be aesthetic or functional: our robotic system manages to be efficient in both cases, taking on with excellent results a process that until now was performed manually, weighing on the workforce both from the point of view of health and safety. The robot performs on average 90% of the polishing, leaving only the remaining 10% to the operator, who can dedicate his time to other tasks.

Technological advantages of SandRob

The main technological advantages that make SandRob the only robotic system on the market able to perform finishing processes on complex shapes are:

  • The advanced compensation system that allows to have a very precise control of the force applied, maintaining both the pressure and the inclination with respect to the surface for a perfect adherence to the piece.
  • The high usability and intuitiveness of the in-house developed programming software ARPP. The software integrates in one application all the functionalities necessary for the offline programming of the robot: starting from the compatibility of the software with any type of 3D file, from the automatic generation of tool paths, to the realistic three-dimensional graphic simulation of the robot’s movements, up to the management of the tool change from the dedicated store.
  • Integrated robotic components: Roboticom invests heavily in the development of components that optimize the polishing time, as the fully automatic paper change and the abrasive paste dispenser equipped on the robotic arm, that works in synergy with the buffer.

    Benefits for customers


    The advantages for the customers are:

    • excellent qualitative results
    • speed, accuracy and perfect repeatability of the execution
    • flexibility and higher productivity
    • workplace safety

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