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Innovative robotic applications

for model shaping and surface finishing



Roboticom is a brand of Fabrica Machinale Srl a pioneer in industrial robotics and a leader in innovative manufacturing solutions for a variety of industrial sectors.
Roboticom brings ROBOTIC AUTOMATION inside production processes where most of the work is done manually in order to overcome related problems and limits, that has led a revolution in production procedures.


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  • aeromart-2019

    AEROMART 2019

    Palais des Congrès Montréal

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  • mecspe-2019

    MECSPE 2019

    Parma Fairground , ITALY

    Once again MECSPE 2019 has been a very successful edition

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  • JEC World 2019

    Jec World 2019

    Paris, FRANCE

    Thank you to all the people who visited our booth at the JEC WORLD 2019 in Paris

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    Surface finishing

    Surface finishing

    SandRob represents the excellence of robotics in the surface finishing field: sanding, polishing and trimming complex shaped objects of any size.The great versatility of this system consists in its adaptation to the shape, to the dimension and to the material of the piece to be treated.


    ScultoRob is our 7-axis robotic solution for milling and turning operations on models, artistic or architectural designs, statues, basreleifs and much more.ScultoRob has many different applications both in the industrial and artistic field, processing a big range of materials: from soft materials like Styrofoam to wood, from resin to marble and stones.


    NEW VIDEO OF SANDROB: sanding and finishing DALLARA’s carbon fiber components

    Dallara Automobili is one of the most prestigious customers that Roboticom is really proud of.

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    It’s carnival time for roboticom!

    The introduction of our system ScultoRob has attracted a great deal of curiosity around the company named Concept Evénementiel: a robotic technology has been introduced in the production of floats of Nice Carnival for the first time ever.

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    Roboticom wins the Robotic Innovation Award 3° edition

    The award was assigned during the MECSPE 2018 by a Scientific Technical Committee,

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