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A-PROMISE – Automation of Manufacturing Processes of Ultrasound Probes


The sensor with which medical images are detected using ultrasound signals, the heart of every ultrasound system, consists of complex technological solutions based on various disciplines.
The search for sensor solutions that meet specific performance and financial requirements is one of the most delicate aspects in setting up an ultrasound system.


The project goal is to generate the technological knowledge necessary to achieve a qualitative leap in manufacturing, towards automation solutions for the ultrasound probe production cycle, with characteristics of high precision, reliability and programmability.

Starting year: 2021
Project Cost: 430.294,00 €
Grant: 172.117,60 €
CUP CIPE: D14E20006650009
CUP ST: 3647.04032020.157000012
Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020, azione 1.1.5 sub-azione a1
– Bando Unico R&S 2020 – Bando 1 “Progetti strategici di ricerca e sviluppo”

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