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OtWorld 2022: in Liepzig Roboticom exhibits Ortis, the real 7-axis anthropomorphic carving robot. Focus on production flexibility and independence from the cad software

The OTWorld to be held in Leipzig from 10 to 13 May is the reference trade fair platform for all manufacturers, retailers and service providers in the field of modern orthopedic aids and equipment.

Roboticom has been participating in this event since 2006. The confirmation of participation represents a clear message of continuity that the company addresses to this very important application sector; this year the technological offer is focused on two main concepts highly appreciated by the market:

  • production flexibility
  • independence from the used CAD software

Reliability, robustness and low maintenance costs: over fifteen years of positive feedback

ORTIS carves polyurethane and other materials, such as plaster, resins, plastic, wood, soft foam and makes it possible to produce ankle-foot orthoses, helmets for plagiocephaly, corsets for scoliosis, prostheses, seating systems, orthopedic mattresses, shoe lasts for footwear and other tailor-made devices.

ORTIS is able to place an important contribution within the production cycle of customers, drastically reducing costs and speeding up production times, thanks to the reliability of the technology, to the robustness of the robotic solution and to the low maintenance costs.

Production flexibility, thanks to a real 7-axis technology

The main contribution that ORTIS is able to offer to the business of companies operating in the field of construction of orthoses and prostheses is the great production flexibility. Thanks to the real 7-axis solution generated by the synergy of the anthropomorphic arm with the continuously controlled rotary table, the operator can easily carve any shape with high quality results.

Open solution: the ORTIS CAD independence leaves the freedom to design with your favorite CAD software

ORTIS is able to operate starting from any CAD design software present in the orthopedic sector; this feature allows to have great advantages from a long-term investment point of view, as it leaves the customer the ability to use the software he prefers.

The best CAD software developers choose ORTIS

Downstream of the possibility of using any CAD design software on the market, today it is significant to report that a leader company like Proteor has chosen Roboticom’s ORTIS technology as the best robotic milling solution to be used with their Orten software; other related news will be announced during the Leipzig fair.

ARPPĀ® is the software that drives ORTIS: ease of use even for less experienced technicians reduces start-up and learning times

The most appreciated topic by the ORTIS users is the ease of use for the system programming which is guaranteed by ARPPĀ®, the off-line programming software in-house developed by Roboticom with specific automatic features and procedures for the orthopedic sector.
The Roboticom team will be present at Booth C06 in Hall 5 to show visitors the great ORTIS production flexibility; one ORTIS system will be operational at the booth.

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