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Ortis + Line

ORTIS + Line is a new product configuration that introduces a feeding line next to ORTIS, for a considerable increase in production flexibility.
Given the automated nature of the loading and unloading process, ORTIS + Line allows to optimized the personnel costs and to increase the daily production. The feeding line is made up by the following elements:

  • conveyor belt (variable length), for loading the suitable number of pieces to be carved
  • exchanger/controller for picking up the raw pieces and placing back the carved pieces
  • programming system, for the generation of the milling/plastic cutting sequence according to the loaded pieces on the conveyor belt

The feeding line can be applied to the three ORTIS configurations (Essential, Pro, Enterprise) and it has a variable length according to the production needs.
It is possible to set a retaining space for the robot, constituted by steel walls in order to reduce dust outflows and blow systems to clean the carved piece, before it is placed back on the feeding line.

Ortis Line

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