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Jeff Koons, the record-breaking artwork “Rabbit” and the use of our robot for carving

“Rabbit”, a stainless-steel sculpture by the greatest artists of our times Jeff Koons, broke the record and it is officially the world’s most expensive work by a living artist: it was sold at Christie’s for $91.1 million.

Born in York, PA on January 21, 1955, artist Jeff Koons made a name for himself by using everyday objects in special neo-pop installations, heir to Andy Warhol for many. During his career, Koons expressed himself through a wide range of artistic techniques, like sculpting, painting, photography, and using different kind of materials, like marble, plastic, metals and porcelain.

Jeff Koons relies on our 3D carving robotic system for marble ScultoRob, which is installed in his giant stone-cutting facility, Antiquity Stone, in Pennsylvania, one of the world’s most advanced workshop of its kind. This special collaboration starts in 2010, when Jeff Koons and his closest assistants, choose Roboticom (Fabrica Machinale at that time) to introduce robotic automation for stone 3D sculpting buying a fully-equipped ScultoRob system.

We are extremely proud to have one of the greatest artists of all times among our customers and to contribute to the success of his huge works.


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