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Have a look at SandRob’s robotic automation at Jec2022: how to respect surface roughness parameters in the finishing of composite materials

In the surface finishing processes of composite materials, great attention is paid to the roughness parameter. This property must respect defined values in order to ensure the quality of the finishing: in some sectors such as Aerospace – an industry of great importance in the world of composites – surface roughness has tight requirements, not only for aesthetic but also technical finishes, where a correct surface processing is necessary to ensure the safety and functionality of some componets.

This will be one of the themes during the many networking opportunities that will come to life at the next JEC World, global exhibition dedicated to composite materials and dedicated technologies, which will be held in Paris from Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 May and where Roboticom will be present with its own Booth in Hall 6 – D74.

Today, the industries that are basing the success of their orders on this issue and that are also operating in other sectors – automotive, design, rail, marine, sports, etc -, thanks to SandRob, can automate surface finishing operations with a constant and controllable quality result and no longer linked to the variability and unpredictability of manual processing.

What finishing steps can be automated with SandRob?

SandRob, thanks to the many End-Effectors – all developed and produced internally by Roboticom – performs automatically a wide range of processes and is able to respond effectively to the high standards of accuracy and reliability required.

The multifunctional robotic system of Roboticom processes components of any shape, even with complex geometries, respecting the highest quality standards and ensuring total control over the process by automating the processing of

  • Sanding and polishing of components, with a dedicated abrasive change system and machining heads suitable for different shapes.
  • Cutting and Trimming of composites and other materials, ensuring accuracy by adapting the machining strategy to the real piece.
  • Bonding, with optimization and control of the amount of glue required, generating direct cost savings without sacrificing quality.

The ease of use of SandRob thanks to ARPP software: a great advantage for customers

SandRob is managed by the programming software ARPP, developed internally by Roboticom: an integrated solution that allows to manage the different types of processing, highly intuitive and of great usability. ARPP drives the user from the acquisition process of the 3D file, to the definition of the machining strategy and up to the three-dimensional graphic simulation of the robot movements; all in a single software environment and managing the functionality of the entire system.

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