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ROBOTICOM designs, engineers and offers to the market innovative robotic solutions. With our know-how and the experience gained in more than 20 years in the business, we are able to satisfy every need for automation in many different fields, offering custom made robotic solutions for every single customer.

ROBOTICOM is a brand of Fabrica Machinale Srl, an Epica International company and a pioneer in robotic manufacturing solutions.



The story begins in the 90s with a group of young robotic engineers that founded Scienzia Machinale as the first spin-off company of the prestigious Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa (Italy). R&D, contract design and prototyping were the first main activities. In a few years time the first robotic applications were born.


The business grew up so fast that a new sister company Fabrica Machinale was founded in 2004, with the purpose to assign all the engineering and production activities related to industrial robotics.


As a result of a business reorganization, in 2011 a new commercial brand Roboticom was introduced, for a targeted communication strategy.

Vision & Mission

Roboticom is leader in offering industrial robotic solutions characterized by the use of the most modern hardware and software patented technologies. More specifically, the hidden treasure of our range of products is in our proprietary integrated programming software: this is our extraordinary added value that makes any imitation attempt a failure.

Our challenge is to make sw programming easier and within the reach of all, in order to bring robotic automation inside the most delicate industrial processes, to improve performances and establishing sustainable production practices for better working environments.

Staff & Location

Our team of nearly 50 specialized professionals has mechanical, electronic and software engineers, properly trained technicians, marketing specialists and own sales force.

Our administrative and commercial headquarters are located in the technological hub of Navacchio, Pisa (Italy). The production site is a few hundred meters away, with plenty of room for assembling and testing the robotic systems. We also have an area dedicated to custom live demos.

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Roboticom develops its products starting from its hardware and software proprietary technology to have high value products that perfectly meet the needs of the target markets.

Over many years of R&D activities and experiences, we designed different technological applications and innovative devices that obtained patent protection. One example is the SandRob automatic sandpaper change system (see patents).

In addition, there are some patent applications currently under evaluation that we can’t disclose to for the moment.

R&D projects

Over the years, Fabrica Machinale has participated in several R&D projects (both as project leader and partner) together with Universities, Research Centers and other hi-tech companies at national and international level and in different sectors.

The R&D activity is very important because it allows us to:

  • achieve European leadership in the field of robotic applications;
  • acquire a very broad multidisciplinary know-how in mechatronic applications;
  • stimulate the design creativity, the “problem solving” capacity and the technological transfer of solutions between various sectors (cross-fertilization);

These are the R&D funded projects that have been successfully won and completed since 2009:

Funding programme
Funding authority
Funding scheme
12021 - 2022A-PromiseTuscany RegionPOR FESR Toscana 2014-2020, azione 1.1.5 sub-azione a1 – Bando Unico R&S 2020 – Bando 1 “Progetti di ricerca e sviluppo delle MPMI”
22019HEcontrolTuscany RegionPOR FESR 2014-2020 - Linea 1.1.2 A
32018 - ongoingROBO (Integrated ROBOtic System for Carbon Fibre Composites Finishing Operations)European Union + Tuscany RegionMANUNET III
42016 - 2019FOMEMI (Photonic sensors and instruments for minimally invasive surgery)Tuscany RegionPOR FESR 2014-2020
Progetti strategici di Ricerca a Sviluppo
52014 - 2018High performance manufacturing (Intelligent Factory Cluster) - Project n. CTN01_00163_216758Italian Ministry of Education, University and Researchbando Cluster tecnologici nazionali (Avviso D.D. n. 257/Ric del 30 maggio 2012)
62012 - 2015REOSS - New bioactive scaffolds with a polymeric root for bone regeneration in dental applicationsTuscany RegionBando Unico R&S anno 2012 Linea 1.5-1.6
72011 - 2014Integrated and Tele-monitored Rural Energy System (SERIT)Italian Ministry of Economic DevelopmentBando Start Up - F.I.T. - Legge 46/82 (2009)
82012I-ARM - Esoscheletro robotico per la diagnosi di patologie degli arti superiori e la riabilitazione funzionale (Progetto n. MCC 3019)Marche RegionPor Marche 2007- 2013 - Intervento
92011 - 2014Portable high-performance ultrasound system with preparation for diagnostic ultrasound in primary care (ECOMEB)Tuscany RegionPAR FAS 2007-2013 AZIONE 1.1 - P.I.R. 1.1.B: Progetti strategici di r&s in materia di ict e meccanica avanzata - procedura negoziale
102011 - 2013DESIGN NET - The new frontier for the Made in Italy contract designItalian Ministry of Economic DevelopmentIndustria 2015 - Bando Nuove Tecnologie per il Made in Italy (area obiettivo A, sottoarea 3)
112010 - 2013Robotic hand - MANOROBTuscany RegionBando Unico R&S Anno 2008 Linea 1.5-1.6
122010 - 2012New development environment of SW interfaces for instrumentation - NASISSTuscany RegionBando Aiuti allo Sviluppo Sperimentale 15/03/2010
132009 - 2011Bio Custom Shoes toward Therapeutic TECnology - BCS-TTECTuscany RegionBando Unico R&S Anno 2008 Linea 1.5-1.6
142009 - 2010Study and development of an upper limb robotic orthotic system - MULOS-IIMarche RegionBando R&D 31/07/08


Every single activity is managed according to the official procedures of the Manual of Quality set by Fabrica Machinale to provide customers with high quality products and to pass audit inspections scoring 95 points out of 100.

The exchange of documentation with our customers is filed in dedicated restricted areas since the very first prospecting steps; we use a management software to process orders and we apply inspection procedures for checking the materials coming from our suppliers before storing.

Each component is tracked during the production process. Critical parts are managed separately through serialization. Our products are subject to verification and control during the assembling process and when the process is completed, they are tested and validated.

In addition, we offer 3D design services and we use a PDM software to ensure traceability of the design process and better information sharing within the team.

We aim to work with defined procedures to reduce the waste of resources and to maximize the efficiency towards high standards of quality.


Beyond the standards of excellence applied to all our products lies Roboticom’s real strength: its people. A team of highly qualified professionals that works to turn customers’ needs into turnkey process automation solutions.

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