Logo SandRob
SandRob is the only robotic solution addressing the needs of all surface finishing processes: sanding, polishing, trimming of complex shapes at any scale or size.
A force feedback system allows to precisely control the force exerted on the treated surface, to achieve different results on the same workpiece, all while the speed control is continuously controlled via software.More info
Logo Ortis
ORTIS is a robotic milling system expressly aimed at the orthopedic industry, allowing to create any model (positive or concave) for the production of orthoses and custom prosthesis.
ORTIS is able to produce any type of model necessary to create custom orthoses and prosthesis, leg-foot braces, scoliosis treatment corsets, foam aesthetic covers, orthopedic seats, prosthesis sockets, cranial correction helmets.More info
Logo ScultoRob
Scultorob is a 7 axis robotic system for milling and turning operations on models and prototypes made of resin, wood and other light materials. Scultorob can be used as a flexible milling centre, combined with the versality and easiness of ARPP®, the software expressly developed to bring out all its potential.More info