• Selectable end-effector according to the process
  • Electronic speed regulation, set by the software
  • Proprietary automatic end-effector and sandpaper change system
  • Compensation system that allows you to manage the force of the abrasive pressure on the surface, to vary your finishing results on the same piece
  • Sensor (touch probe or laser) that aligns the theoretic tool path to the actual piece shape, in order to detect and automatically readapt the sanding process to this possible variation
  • Dust extraction system
  • Feeding systems (switching positioner, conveyor, etc.)
METHODby handautomation
SPEED5-7 mq/h10-15 mq/h
TIMEshift limitations24/7
OUTPUTlow repeatabilityrepeatable and constant result
QUALITY high variability10-15% material saving