Software ARPP


Robot programming becomes a game

All ROBOTICOM’s solutions are equipped with ARPP®, the in-house designed robot simulator, that is the only software on the market that allows to completely manage the robot without the use of other softwares: from the automatic generation of optimized tool paths, to the 3D simulation of the robot movements, with the real-time display of the material removal.

The use of ARPP® allows to:

  • Manage 3D models generated from an external CAD or digitization systems (e.g. scanner);
  • Generate tool paths through field-optimized CAM operations that take advantage of the flexibility of both the robot and the turn table;
  • Import and manage tool paths generated by external CAM (NCL, ISO);
  • Follow the working process stages of the machine and control the possible collisions, for a complete 3D simulation of the robotic cell;
  • Make 3D real time simulation of the material removal, generating the subsequent CAM machining with optimized tool paths on the actual residual material.
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Touch – Screen

A touch screen console, with a customized graphical interface, allows to control all processing parameters in a functional and easy manner.

In addition, with FlexRemote, the software for the remote control, it is possible to follow from a distance every step of the robot process.

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