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Where to find skilled operators for Surface Finishing? At PaintExpo 2022 we introduce SandRob, our robotic solution: quality and repeatability in surface finishing processes

The performance demands on coating processes are very high and must meet higher and higher standards. Companies are therefore faced with the following critical issues:

  • The need to hire skilled operators, who are difficult to find in the marketplace;
  • Variability in results due to the manual process and depending on the operator;
  • High labor costs, which are generally rising and are likely to burst if production increases;
  • The strenous working conditions to which operators exposed to;
  • The limited opportunities to increase productivity and the difficulty of predicting a consistent result, dependent solely on the operator.

And if a robotic system were used, would it be too complicated or even impossible to improve the finishing process?
In this scenario SandRob introduces a great added value within the production cycles of companies operating in this sector, attesting to consistent quality standards through a simple and intuitive programming, while ensuring the healthiness of the working environment and the safety of operators.

From 26 to 29 of April, at PaintExpo 2022 in Karlsruhe (Germany), the biennial reference fair for the entire industrial coating supply chain, Roboticom will be presenting its surface finishing solutions.

Roboticom will be exhibiting in Hall 2, Stand 2539, in collaboration with its partner Vosschemie, a German manufacturer of abrasive materials. This partnership demonstrates the company has developed expertise and know-how in abrasive surface finishing processes, expanding them downstream and upstream of the coating process.

SandRob, responds to the multiple needs in the field of preparation and post-painting surface finishing: from composite materials to carbon fiber, from wood to mirror polishing of metals, from solid surface to composites.

How can the SandRob produce a consistent output in terms of quality and production? Through some of the key technological features listed below:

  • End-effector selectable according to the process. The tool rack allows to increase the speed in the transitions from one operation to another.

  • Patented flange-change system and automatic card-change: solutions that promote the versatility of the system.

  • Automatic application of polishing pastes: A special system developed to apply polishing pastes that automatically optimizes the quantity needed for the processing and therefore guarantees direct savings for the customer.

  • Ease of use: The machining parameters are set by the ARPP software; ARPP guarantees speed and accuracy, as well as perfect repeatability of the execution, which guarantees consistent results, versatility and high productivity. The ARPP software integrates in a single environment all the necessary functions for the offline programming of the robot: working on 3D file, simple and intuitive generation of the tool paths, faithful three-dimensional graphic simulation of the robot movements, management of the tool change and of the abrasive from the dedicated store and automated application of the polishing pastes.

  • Repeatable and diversified results depending on the needs through a compensation system that allows to manage and program through the ARPP software the abrasive force on the surface: the advanced compensation system guarantees a constant quality of the finish, allowing to have an absolute control of the applied force and a perfect adherence to the worked piece.

  • Automatic readjustment of the sanding path, based on possible variations in the workpiece or its positioning, by means of a mechanical or laser probe.

  • Integrated dust extraction system: protecting the health of the working environment.

  • The ability to fully automate production with the use of a loading line: Roboticom provides an automatic part loading system that allows SandRob to work 24 hours a day in with limited presence of the operator.

The Roboticom team and partner Vosschemie are waiting for you to provide all the information and insights you need.

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