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The award was assigned during the MECSPE 2018 by a Scientific Technical Committee, that recognized the outstanding points of SandRob, both in terms of technology and impact on production and competitiveness.

Indeed, SandRob is a concentrate of technological innovation that brings automation for the first time in operations carried traditionally by hand, overcoming limits and problems.

Its great flexibility deals with many aspects:

  • SHAPES – thanks to the specially-developed integrated software, the system is able to work with objects of different shapes and dimensions, adapting to every production need.
  • OPERATIONS – One multifunction system that is able to select and automatically change the right tool to perform a specific operation (sanding, trimming, drilling and polishing)
  • MATERIALS – SandRob works on materials like carbon fiber, plastic, wood, metals and solid surfaces, as Corian
  • APPLICATION FIELDS – the operations carried by SandRob are common to different industries like automotive, aerospace, furniture and design, sport equipment, etc.

The impact that SandRob has on the production process is so huge to surprise our customers since the very first tests and demos. The main advantages are:

  • SandRob’s results are repeatable and constant, meeting the highest quality requirements
  • analyzing our customers’ data, we notice that productivity significantly increases (up to 70%) and that production times decrease by 60-75%.
  • it also possible to optimize the use of consumables, saving, for example, the 20% of sanding paper.
  • with SandRob the working environments improves, that means:
    • Professional upgrades and reorientation
    • Decrease in occupational diseases caused by the traditional labor-intensive activities
    • Occupational injuries prevention and lower environmental risk

SandRob represents a true revolution of the production process, overcoming the limits related to the use of labor in critical production stages, ensuring constant quality levels and increasing productivity. Our customers can now expand their production in terms of quantity and range.

During the 15th ABB Partner Meeting, we stood out from the crowd winning the “ MOST INNOVATIVE ROBOTIC SOLUTION AWARD 2013” for our robotic solution for sanding, polishing and surface finishing, applied to mannequins and complex shapes.

The award was presented by Mr. Vegard Nerseth, Head of ABB Robotics.

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