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Roboticom’s Systems at Epica International’s new headquarters in the Usa

Roboticom is a brand of Fabrica Machinale Srl (an Epica International company) and a pioneer in robotic manufacturing solutions.

We are pleased to inform that, on May 13th, Epica International announced the opening of new offices in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where interested parties will have the possibility to see our robotic systems at work.

This is an excellent opportunity for Roboticom to be closer to its American customers.

Roboticom’s Systems at Epica International

Epica International announces operations in Spartanburg, s.c. USA

Epica International, the leader in advanced ultra-high-resolution mobile medical imaging and robotic applications for human health, animal health and industrial enterprises, announces new corporate headquarters and operations in Spartanburg County, S.C.


Epica International, with offices in San Clemente, California and manufacturing and R&D facilities in Florence and Pisa, Italy includes Epica Human Health, Epica Animal Health and Roboticom. The company has established corporate, imaging and robotic system demo, warehouse and assembly operations for Epica Human Health and Epica Animal Health in the Spark Center SC at Spartanburg Community College’s Tyger River Campus. The move presents long-term growth opportunities for both Epica and Spartanburg.

  • Epica Human Health produces an innovative mobile and multi-modality medical imaging platform combining High-Definition Volumetric Imaging CT (HDVI), full featured Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography that delivers ultra-high-definition, gapless, 2D/3D, non-interpolated image data for diagnostic, interventional and intraoperative applications. Epica’s “SeeFactor CT3” offers the highest spatial resolution (as high as 0.2mm) and lowest noise compared to any conventional CT imaging system in the market. The system enables earlier detection and is diagnostic in soft and hard tissue. The first clinical imaging platform of its kind will be received by the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, before rolling out to the South Carolina acute and non-acute care market and the greater U.S. and European healthcare market.
  • Epica Animal Health produces an innovative portfolio of ultra-high-definition imaging platforms for veterinary, pre-clinical, academic research and life science customers. Market leading Epica Animal Health has deployed nearly 400 Vimago and Pegaso advanced imaging systems.
  • Roboticom’s portfolio of robotic systems and applications automate production and improve quality, quantity, employee safety and profitability for industrial enterprises. Its precision robotic sanding, finishing, carving and cutting technologies are utilized by more than 170 world-class companies in automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing and orthopedics/prosthetics industries. Customers include Dallara Racing, Weiss Automotive, Delastek, Adidas and the US VA Health Care System. Roboticom is a subsidiary of Epica International, Inc.


Epica selected Spartanburg and South Carolina for a variety of reasons including partnership opportunities, workforce, regional academic institutions, infrastructure/logistics, proximity to current customers and access to new customer base. In human healthcare, the number of progressive acute-and non-acute care facilities focused on care innovation and highly differentiated medical imaging solutions plus a marvelous collection of regional research universities was a driver. For Animal Health, the state’s storied equine history and world-class equine facilities are a natural fit. For Roboticom, the concentrated manufacturing in automotive and aerospace, along with growing healthcare, life science, bioscience and O&P sectors are very attractive. In addition, infrastructure, shipping options and time-zone make Spartanburg a convenient location for Epica’s international operations.

Roboticom’s Systems at Epica International


“Spartanburg County prides itself on being supportive to business and economic development. Attracting a company as innovative as Epica International proves our efforts worthwhile”, said David Britt, economic development chair for Spartanburg County Council.

“Epica’s investment in Spartanburg is well-aligned with our diversified economic development priorities. Investments from bioscience and life sciences industries choosing to locate and grow in Spartanburg County gives us strategic advantage for future development and job growth”, said OneSpartanburg, Inc. Chief Economic Development Officer Katherine O’Neill.

“Spartanburg and South Carolina represent an ideal environment for Epica International to accelerate its growth and serve healthcare, high technology and industrial markets. OneSpartanburg and Spartanburg County have been truly amazing partners”. said Epica CEO, Randy Axelrod, MD.

“Spartanburg Medical Center will be deploying the Epica Mobile CT Scanner platform to significantly advance care to our most critical patients. The Mobile platform reduces CT turnaround time in our intensive care units by more than 90% and rapidly accelerates treatment pathways. The rapid adoption of these care innovations is a hallmark of our institution, and we are pleased to partner with Epica on this breakthrough technology”, said Bruce Holstien, CEO of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.

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For Press or Business Development, please contact:
Daniel Naimey,
Senior Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, Epica International, Inc.
M: 425.941.7365

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