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Roboticom’s deburring robot: the multi-functional robot for the removal of burrs on molded parts

The race towards production processes automation also applies to some operations like deburring that have always been entrusted to the expert hands of workers. The deburring robot SandRob, designed by Roboticom, stands out for its great flexibility in this and other finishing processes on plastic materials and metals.

Finishing processes on molded parts with burrs.

The parts obtained through the various molding processes often have burrs resulting from the excess of the material used. The burrs increase as the wear of the mold progresses, therefore requiring expensive and increasing deburring operations in proportion to the wear itself. Automating this part of the production process ensures the optimization in terms of quality and precision of results and in terms of use of resources, as well as the total control of the process itself.

SandRob: robotic deburring according to Roboticom

With the SandRob robot, burrs of any thickness are removed, the edges of the machined profiles and the cutting edges are cut and rounded with a precise, repeatable and fast operation. Once the process of removing excess materials is completed, this multifunctional robotic system allows you to automatically switch from deburring to another finishing process, such as cutting, trimming and drilling. These can be performed with various tools or water jets, picked up and loaded by the robot from the appropriate warehouse.

Roboticom designs and manufactures innovative robotic solutions, responding to the different needs of robotic automation that emerge from the different fields, studying designing and implementing tailored solutions in the production cycles of the numerous customers. Thanks to a twenty-year experience and knowhow, Roboticom has enviable high-profile references at international level, declined in different industries.

The technological pluses translate into real advantages for customer productivity

The SandRob 6-axis robotic system, with an interpolated rotary table as the 7th axis, guarantees top-level performance on any part or object with complex geometry, generating important productivity advantages:

  • Higher production volumes
  • Lower production cycle times
  • High and constant quality
  • Repeatable results
  • New tasks for workers

SandRob and ARPP®: synergy for immediate production optimization

The added value of Roboticom solutions is in their ease of use and versatility: SandRob is equipped with ARPP® the most powerful user-friendly programming software. ARPP® is in-house developed and it includes specific functions for your field of application, that means rapid learning and minimum start-up times.

ARPP® is one software platform for all programming needs that allows you to completely manage the robot without the need to use other software. Thanks to its custom graphic interface, ARPP® allows you to easily keep under control all the processing parameters. The combination of specific tools designed for each type of processing and their automated management via software, represents the hidden treasure that only Roboticom can offer you on the market.

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