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Ortis, the roboticom carving system for orthopedics, enhances the business of companies

Thanks to its unique technological pluses, combined with Roboticom’s consolidated expertise in the Industrial Robotics sector, ORTIS, the milling robot for orthopedics is able to develop the business of the orthopedic productions in which it is used.

ORTIS can carve polyurethane and other light materials, such as gypsum, plaster, resins, plastic, wood, foam rubber and can make leg-foot braces, helmets, corsets, basins, seats, orthopedic mattresses and other custom-made devices.

In a demanding and special application sector such as the orthopedic one, the technological solution offered by ORTIS is able to drastically reduce costs and speed up production times.

Comparison with other available technologies

New technologies are also emerging on this particular application in addition to robotic milling: additive manufacturing above all is making its way into the production of customized orthoses and prostheses. However, when compared to 3D printing, the robotic milling technology offered by ORTIS stands for a much greater production capacity.

Open source technology

The advantages of relying on Roboticom do not end there: a distinctive aspect that is strategically very useful for customers from a long-term investment point of view is the fact that ORTIS IS compatible with all the design software available on the market, leaving the customer the possibility to use the CAD they prefer. Roboticom can also provide the CAD software together with ORTIS, thanks to important and consolidated partnerships with top-level suppliers.

Easy to use

The most appreciated aspect by a market in which there are machine operators who often do not have mechanical engineering but medical training: the ease of use of ORTIS is conveyed by ARPP®, the programming software off-line developed for the orthopedic market which integrates in a single environment all the functions necessary for the programming of the working phases which guarantees the operator easiness and immediacy operating the system.

Excellent after-sales service

Furthermore, Roboticom customers receive assistance all over the world both with on-site and remote interventions: thanks to ARPP®, customers on a global scale have access to the skills of a highly qualified service team ready to go directly into mind and the ORTIS body to diagnose, solve, optimize, drastically reducing the time needed to solve any problems. The assistance solves 95% of the problems remotely in two days.

The advantages generated by the Ortis technology

  • Reliability and low maintenance costs: over ten years of positive results prove ORTIS a high level of reliability.
  • Easy to use and internally developed software: features and automatic procedures specifically developed for the orthopedic sector allow to reduce the learning and start-up times of ORTIS
  • Open solution with open source technology
  • Innovation & cross fertilization: ORTIS was born in 2006 in a company of cross-sector R&D and innovation, where the exchange of ideas and technology leads to mutual benefits and the development of new markets. Thanks to this synergy, Roboticom is able to provide tailor-made innovative solutions for each specific need and characterized by advanced technological content.

Successful case histories

ORTIS, the milling robot for orthopedics developed by Roboticom in 2006 has been installed in over one hundred of the best orthopedic workshops around the world: the satisfaction of each of these customers is the best possible reference.

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