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Ortis Enterprise

ORTIS ENTERPRISE is the configuration that allows to reach the maximum productivity (average daily production of 20 models and more) without limitations or compromises on the working area (mainly a 1200 mm diameter and 1500 mm height working area).

ORTIS ENTERPRISE is installed on an industrial floor with walls and partitions that delimit its access area; the features of this configuration will allow you to work in the most automated and efficient way.

The installation includes the robot (maximum reach over 2 meters), the turntable, the toolbox (up to 10 tool positions) and the presetting laser; the distinctive feature of this system is a powerfull electro spindle with the automatic tool change.

Ortis Enterprise
Ortis Enterprise robot


Robot type
ABB, 6 axes, 40-60 kg payload on the wrist, working area from 2000 to 2500 mm
In-house designed, it is the 7th interpolated axis. Rotating table plate dimension 700x700mm, 60 rpm.
Possibility to have an additional turntable or fixed table to increase productivity.
Laser calibration
The standard setup includes a laser guide to perform automatic tool length calibration.
Working volume
Blocks up to:
· Corsets – Diam 1200x(H)1500 mm
· AFO / KAFO – 350x300x(H)1500 mm
· SEATING SYSTEMS – 1200x1200x(H)1200 mm
Compressed air
Minimum 6 bar
System programming
A license of our ARPPĀ® software ships with the system. ARPPĀ® is powered by 5-axis a tool path generator (ARPPCAM), and allows for a precise ahead-of-time 3D simulation of the milling and material removal process.
An open system
ORTIS can be used with any 3D scanner or software that makes use of industry-standard formats (STL, AOP, VRML, …).
Bulk size
System minimum area: 4000x4000x3000 mm
Contol unit area: 1000x1000x2000 mm.
Robot + base : 650 kg, Turntable: 270 kg
Control unit: 250 kg, Toolbox: 280 kg
Power supply
380VAC three phase, 50-60Hz, 15 KVA
(5,5 kw kw average consumption)

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