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Industrial automation evolves thanks to new finishing processes with robotic systems

The industrial automation of manufacturing plants is forging a new way of working: automation means creating and implementing technologies capable of operating and managing different industrial processes. Robotic systems have an essential role in these new production standards, as they take on production steps previously assigned to the handicraft of skilled labor.

Roboticom’s solution, SandRob, matches the industry’s demand for automation in surface finishing processes: sanding, polishing, and trimming objects of any shape and size.

The involvement of robots in a company’s production line increases competitiveness; in fact integrating a standardizing process in a phase as delicate as surface finishing, allows times, costs, and quality of the production to be easily managed.

Today industrial automation is at the center of an ever-advancing transformation: current trends will soon consolidate while new ones will come, and Roboticom is perfectly aware of this. Consequently, Roboticom’s team continues to invest a lot of energies in Research & Development, and in synergy with its business partners.

Roboticom designs and provides innovative robotic solutions, satisfying the various needs for robotic automation that emerge from different industrial sectors. By studying, devising, and implementing solutions tailored to customers’ production needs, It is able to set up efficient and sustainable production processes. Thanks to the know-how and experience gained in over twenty years of activity Roboticom has collected prestigious references in various sectors of industrial application.



the great application potential of sandrob

The application potential of the industrial robotic arm, SandRob, is massive: its employment is in continuous development, and it can always be integrated in new functional ways. SandRob’s surface finishing applies to natural stone, plastic, metals, and composite materials. SandRob has a wide potential applicability due to the many supported materials, the different End-Effectors available, the continuous research, and a dedicated and regularly updated software.

A constant attention to diverse industrial sectors makes it possible for Roboticom to intercept all the possible applications for its solutions. Other than the extensive use in the automotive industry, SandRob is broadly utilized in the energetic and aerospace sectors, characterized by different production and quality standards.

SandRob is achieving increasingly more success in the worlds of Interior Design and Furniture as well. It intervenes in numerous phases of surface preparation and finishing, and it operates on different materials such as: carbon fiber, solid surface, composite, metal, ceramic, and wood.


Recently Roboticom has developed a version of SandRob for additive manufacturing post-processing: 3D printing is making a breakthrough in the industrial world and SandRob supports this technology in the industrial settings where an excellent surface finishing of the final product is required. In this respect robotic automation opens doors to other technologies that can now be incorporated in processes before inaccessible. The anthropomorphic robotic arm, SandRob, smooths the typical texture of 3D printing through sanding and trimming, and it allows to produce parts that perfectly respect functional and aesthetic engineering requirements.


The completely automated Smart Factory, as the future of Industry 4.0, requires new and  intelligent productive systems. Thanks to the integration of enabling technologies like SandRob, Roboticom’s “Industry 4.0 ready” robotic system, companies can increase the automation of their productive processes and access substantial incentives of financial-economic nature proposed by different governments to boost the economy

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