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Robotic applications for AUTOMOTIVE

Roboticom can respond to the need of robotic automation in many traditional processes of manufacturing vehicles, cars, racing cars and trucks. SandRob is the best production partner for the automotive companies as it can perform multiple finishing operations. SandRob can be used as:

  • sanding robot for car body parts, like bumpers, hoods, roofs, spoilers made of plastic or composite materials
  • polishing robot for painted car parts
  • cutting and finishing robot for internal frames made of carbon fiber or reinforced plastic
  • cutting and bonding robot for truck cap panels
  • cutting and finishing robot for refrigerated vans

The flexibility of our multipurpose robotic system SandRob translates in several advantages like:

  • performing operations on complex shaped objects that need different finishing results on different areas of the same piece
  • processing wide surfaces like large panels, reaching all the areas that need to be finished
  • automate delicate stages of the process avoiding productions stops

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