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AOPA 2019 National Assembly

The annual AOPA National Assembly 2019 in San Diego has been a very successful meeting, with 2,400 participants and 150 exhibitors. Professionals, technicians and students were able to meet with the O&P industry experts to find out all the news.

Our orthopedic robot ORTIS has been the center of attention for many visitors. We have answered many questions, showing the flexibility and the technology that no other 3D carver on the market can give you. Combining this with the easiness of our programming software, ORTIS is confirmed as the absolute market-leading orthopedic robot.

This year we have been able to surprise our visitors with a great news for the production of foam blocks. The H.O.P.S. system will allow you to produce your own foam at home with great cost savings; the system was designed by our customer Shawn Bright from HiTek.

Thanks to all the people who showed up at our stand, it was a great pleasure meeting you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. See you next year!

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