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Measurable results

The combination of our distinctive features and the advantages of automation, allows our customers to optimize their production processes, in terms of time and costs reductions, to achieve repeatable high quality results and to benefit from greater production flexibility.

Top technology

Roboticom’s range of solutions is produced using the best industrial robots and relying on the best component supplier, ensuring the top quality and reliability levels.

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Software soul

The soul of all our solutions and the technology that sets us apart from our competitors is ARPP®. ARPP®, the in-house designedrobot simulator is the easiest and most powerful software on the market that allows you to completely manage the robot without the use of any additional software: tool paths generation, 3d simulation of the movements in the robotic cell and of the material removal.

Side by side

Our robotic solutions are designed to become part of your production processes and carry out different stages such as milling, sanding and grinding. The ability to develop and engineer custom solutions in-house provides complete and customized solutions based on the clients’ production needs. Our customers, collaborating with our brilliant engineering team can expand the capabilities as required to meet the needs of their company.

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Robotics in our DNA

In our extensive experience we became strategic partners of many companies and different industries, achieving recognition and awards for our contribution to innovation and advancement of technology. Today we have 100 installations in the world, and each of them is worthy of the growth ambitions of our customers.

Training and total support

Our robots are developed with this logic: simplifying and optimising your work without complications! We provide our customers with installation and training programs. In addition, we represent the sole contact for any need or request for support from any place in the world.

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